Privacy Policy:

[Updated: 2021/10/28]


Maurici Carbó Jordi of nummolt @macajo on Twitter.

Valid for all nummolt apps: THIS_APP

Adding apples and oranges; Adding apples and oranges 1 decimal; Adding unit fractions & Adding unit fractions + ; Biga; Circadian Clock + cc wallpaper; Conic Anamorphism; Equivalent fractions; Euclidean Algorithm; Euclidean Prime Rectangle; Euler Hamilton Path; Fractions Balance; Fractions Scroll and FS+; Geoboard; Pizza to order; Kids Math Garden and Math Garden; Place Value Time; Proper Fractions; Pythagoras Explore; Reading Fractions; Rectangle of Constant Area; Time Calculator; Touch Fraction; Touch Integers; Touch Natural Numbers ; Touch Pythagoras ; Touch decimals; Visual Algebra; Voronoi Soccer; Ninedigits workshop.


THIS_APP does not allows display ads or collect data to any company.

(not related to any ads companies)


THIS_APP does not enable social networking features.


THIS_APP does not transmit any location data. (GPS)


THIS_APP does not allow in-app purchases.

Data Collection:

THIS_APP don't collect any data

Register or identify users:

THIS_APP don't need to to register or identify users for to play with it.

Api's and SDK's:

THIS_APP is an app made from scratch with Android Studio by the Developer.

THIS_APP Don't contains or use any SDK or API or external Web Service.

Vendors or analytics providers:

Not related to any analytics company.


The minimum recommended age is +4 years old.

Ask questions:

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy policies, please contact me:

Maurici Carbó:

This privacy policy was last updated on 28/10/2021. My privacy policy may change some day. If I make any material changes to my privacy policies, I will place a prominent notice on my application and in my website ( And this document will be updated also.

Some of the specified apps are free and none require any kind of additional permissions in the Android devices.

Written for the first time in 2014/05/28 by Maurici Carbó Jordi owner of Barcelona (Spain)

Updated on 2016 and now. this is the last version (2021/10/28)