Privacy Policy:

[Updated: 20/01/2016]

Valid for nummolt apps:

Touch Natural Numbers ; Touch Pythagoras ; Touch Fraction ; Time Calculator ; Touch decimals

Adding unit fractions & Adding unit fractions + ; Touch Integers ℤ (+ - * ÷) ; MathCats balance

Apps for kids (Teaching resources):


The App does not allows display ads or collect data to any company.


The App does not enables social networking features.


The App does not transmit any location data. (GPS)


The App does not link to external web sites.


The App does not allow in-app purchases.


The minimum recommended age is +4 years old.

General Privacy Policy:

Data collection:

I don't collect any information about users

Location Data:

I do not know location, and I cannot store or share your precise location.

Personal data review:

I don't collect personal data.

I don't have personal data of the users.

Keeping personal data:

No data collected.

Sharing personal data:

No data to share.

Ad companies:

No ad companies collect data through my apps.

Ask questions:

If you have any questions or concerns about my privacy policies, please contact me:

Vendors or analytics providers:

No analytics company. (Except Google Play, of course!)

Securing personal data:

I don't need to protect any personal information.

Situation which could require disclosure of data:

No data collected from my apps. Nothing to disclose.


This privacy policy was last updated on 20/01/2016. My privacy policy may change some day. If I make any material changes to my privacy policies, I will place a prominent notice on my application and in my website ( And this document will be updated also.

The specified apps are free and does not require any kind of additional permissions in the Android devices.

Written for the first time in 05/28/2014 by Maurici Carbó Jordi owner of Barcelona (Spain)