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www.nummolt.com Nummòlt site map:
www.nummolt.com/index.html : Main page in english.
www.nummolt.com/numcat.html : Pàgina principal en català.
www.nummolt.com/numcast.html : Página principal en castellano.
www.nummolt.com/numcais.html : Main page in français.

www.nummolt.com/recomana.html : Links page.

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Nummolt modulo applet:
www.nummolt.com/modulo/help/index.html (Video help)

Nummòlt program:
www.nummolt.com/nummolt/numdown.htm : Nummòlt
www.nummolt.com/nummolt/numdown.html : Nummòlt
www.nummolt.com/nummolt/nummolt.zip : Nummòlt. File to download. (*.Zip with the executable file: Windows) (Software from 1997, but it still works)
www.nummolt.com/nummolt/numhelp.zip : Nummòlt. File to download. (*.Zip with the help file: Windows) (Software from 1997 , but it still works)
www.nummolt.com/nummolt/ONE_Nummolt.html : text about Nummòlt
www.nummolt.com/nummolt/UNO_Nummolt.html : texto sobre Nummòlt

Nummòlt help:
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhint.html : Nummòlt help: About integers
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhsum.html : Nummòlt help: About addition
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhsub.html : Nummòlt help: About subtraction and subtraction by borrowing
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhmlt.html : Nummòlt help: About multiplication
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhcrea.html : Nummòlt help: About create numbers from nothing
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhdiv.html : Nummòlt help: About division
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhpar.html : Nummòlt help: About parentheses
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhspar.html : Nummòlt help: About signed parentheses
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/numhstrt.html : Nummòlt help: About helpful strategies

Nummòlt video help:
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/vintitresmenysquinze_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About subtraction using borrowing
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/dossetquatremesusisdos_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About addition using regrouping
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/doscincmenysuvuit_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About addition using borrowing
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/dotzeperdotze_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About multiplication
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/tresdosquatredivuvuit_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About inverse of multiplication: 'division'
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/cincmesdospertres_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About operations under parenthesis
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/menysmescincmenysdeu_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About operations under signed parenthesis
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/creant_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About creating pairs of null value positive and negative
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/estrategies_swf.html : Nummòlt help: About using the pairs of null value positive and negative. Making easy the use of Nummòlt
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/quadrillion_swf.html : Nummòlt help: Building an european quadrillion: 10^24
www.nummolt.com/help/nummolt/video_swf/piramide_swf.html : Nummòlt help: Playing with signed parenthesis

Math Touch Apps: Touch Fraction, Touch Pythagoras:
www.nummolt.com/mathtouchapps/index.html Math Touch Apps

com.nummolt.mathcats.balance MathCats balance. : Android app: Balance items ranging from electrons to galaxies.(Android 2.3 and up)
com.nummolt.touch.integers Touch Integers. : Android app: Add, subtract multiply and divide integers using prime numbers.(Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.math.value.place Touch decimals. : Android app: Double interactive place value chart. .(Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.fractions.reading Reading Fractions. : Android app: Reading fractions. Interactive fraction. Words and numbers.(Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.plus.fractions.add Adding unit fractions plus: Android app: Adding unit fractions (Egyptian fractions) Paid app. (addition of 4 unit fractions and reflections about Rhind Mathematical Papyrus) (Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.fractions.add Adding unit fractions. : Android app: adding unit fractions (Egyptian fractions) Free app. (addition of 3 unit fractions)(Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.geo.jujol Jujol arq. : Android app to locate main works of Josep Maria Jujol (some of them shared with Antoni Gaudí)(Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.number.natural.touch Touch Natural Numbers : (Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.circadian.clock.wallpaper Circadian clock : (Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.planetary.gear.watch Circadian clock : (Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.calculadora.natural Calculadora natural : (Calculadora en el conjunto de los números naturales (N): Escala Larga ) (Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.whole.calculator Whole Calculator : (Calculator in the set of the natural numbers (N). Short Scale ) (Android 2.2 and up)
com.nummolt.time.calc Time Calculator : ( Time elapsed / countdown ) (Android 2.2 and up)
cinemice.camera.mollweide Camera patchwork: (Mollweide camera) (Android 2.2 and up) (Camera + orientation + external storage)
nummolt.touch.pythagoras Touch Pythagoras: (Interactive Pythagoras Theorem) (Android 2.2 and up) Toc Pitàgores, Toque Pitágoras.
nummolt.touch.fraction Touch Fraction: (Interactive fraction) (Android 2.2 and up) Toc Fracció, Toque fracción
com.appleorange.addingapplesandoranges at: GooglePlay Adding apples and oranges (Android 2.2 and up)
com.appleorange.addingapplesandoranges at: Samsung apps Adding apples and oranges (Android 2.2 and up)
com.appleorange.firstdecimal at: GooglePlay Adding apples and oranges with 1 decimal (5 tools: Gauss-Jordan, graphic, balances, Cramer, inverse matrix (Android 2.2 and up))
com.appleorange.firstdecimal at: Samsung apps Adding apples and oranges with 1 decimal (5 tools: Gauss-Jordan, graphic, balances, Cramer, inverse matrix (Android 2.2 and up))
mathcats.nummolt.ninedigits at GooglePlay Ninedigits workshop (Android 2.2 and up)
mathcats.nummolt.ninedigits at Samsung apps Ninedigits workshop (Android 2.2 and up)
mathcats.oldegyptian.fractions at: GooglePlay MathCats Old Egyptian Fractions (Android 2.2 and up)
mathcats.oldegyptian.fractions at: Samsung apps MathCats Old Egyptian Fractions (Android 2.2 and up)
nummolt.howmuch.pizza Nummolt: 'How much pizza to order?' (Android 2.2 and up)
boni.cinemice.projector CINEMICE (Android 2.2 and up)
nummolt.coac.biga Biga for Android (Android 2.2 and up)

www.nummolt.com/obbl/index.html : OBBL MATH TOYS
www.nummolt.com/obbl/obblcast.html : OBBL MATH TOYS Castellano
www.nummolt.com/obbl/obblcat.html : OBBL MATH TOYS Català

www.nummolt.com/obbl_a1/index.html : OBBL Architecture Blocks Box 1
www.nummolt.com/constr/constr.html : OBBL Architecture Blocks Box 0
www.nummolt.com/help/obbl/obblh01.html : OBBL Architecture Blocks Box 1 activity: sum of consecutive integers: 1+2+3+...+n

www.nummolt.com/help/obbl/obbl_a1/index.html : OBBL Architecture Blocks Box 1 For fun: Little Archaeologist: Video Index
www.nummolt.com/help/obbl/obbl_a1/obbl_archaeologist_swf.html : OBBL Architecture Blocks Box 1 For fun: Little Archaeologist
www.nummolt.com/help/obbl/obbl_a1/obbl_ancient_bubble_swf.html : OBBL Architecture Blocks Box 1 For fun: Little Archaeologist: Old Egyptian Ancient Bubble.

www.nummolt.com/obblog2/index.html : OBBLOG2: Logic blocks toybox
www.nummolt.com/obblog/index.html : OBBLOG: Logic blocks toybox
www.nummolt.com/help/truthtables.html : OBBLOG: Help: About Truth Tables
www.nummolt.com/obblog/users/index.html : OBBLOG: Logic blocks toybox CODE (user's archive)

www.nummolt.com/help/obblog/index.html : OBBLOG: Help: Videos Index
www.nummolt.com/help/obblog/obblog_norgatecounter_swf.html : OBBLOG: Help: Videos: Counter (4 bits) (4 flip-flop). Using crossed NOR gates
www.nummolt.com/help/obblog/obblog_counter_swf.html : OBBLOG: Help: Videos: Counter (4 bits) (4 flip-flop)
www.nummolt.com/help/obblog/obblog_countdown_swf.html : OBBLOG: Help: Videos: Countdown (4 bits) (4 flip-flop)
www.nummolt.com/help/obblog/obblog_dosidosquatre_swf.html : OBBLOG: Help: Videos: 10 + 10 = 100 (2 + 2 = 4) (2 bits)

www.nummolt.com/mwt/index.html : Math Water Table (former obbliq): Liquid simulator, area workshop, about division, volume conservation .
www.nummolt.com/obbliq/index.html : OBBLIQ: Liquid simulator, area workshop, about division.
www.nummolt.com/help/obbliqdiv.html : OBBLIQ: help: about division 1.
www.nummolt.com/help/obbliqdiv2.html : OBBLIQ: help: about division 2.
www.nummolt.com/help/obbliqpiag.html : OBBLIQ: help: volume conservation, or area conservation.

www.nummolt.com/help/obbliq/index.html : OBBLIQ: Help: Video Index
www.nummolt.com/help/obbliq/obbliq_volume_conservation_swf.html : OBBLIQ: Help: Video Volume conservation
www.nummolt.com/help/obbliq/obbliq_tresperdosdospertres_swf.html : OBBLIQ: Help: Video: Area and multiplication
www.nummolt.com/help/obbliq/obbliq_tresdivzerocinc_swf.html : OBBLIQ: Help: Video: division by 0.5
www.nummolt.com/help/obbliq/obbliq_calculatingpi_swf.html : OBBLIQ: Help: Video: 'calculating' PI

www.nummolt.com/obbl/appleorange/index.html : Adding apples and oranges: Mental arithmetics and gaussian elimination (2*2).
www.nummolt.com/obbl/appleorange/peramanzana.html : Sumando Peras y manzanas: Aritmética mental e introducción a la eliminación de Gauss - Jordan (2*2).
www.nummolt.com/obbl/appleorange/perapoma.html : Sumant peres amb pomes: Aritmètica mental i introducció a la eliminació de Gauss - Jordan (2*2).
www.nummolt.com/obbl/appleorange/manzananaranja.html : Sumando Manzanas y naranjas: Aritmética mental e introducción a la eliminación de Gauss - Jordan (2*2).
www.nummolt.com/obbl/appleorangepear/index.html : Adding apples oranges and pears: Mental arithmetics and gaussian elimination (3*3).
www.nummolt.com/obbl/aopl/index.html : Adding apples oranges pears and lemons: Mental arithmetics and gaussian elimination (4*4).

www.nummolt.com/obbl/slowfastcats/FastSlowCats.html : Slow Fast Cats: Interactive algebra.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/slowfastcats/FastSlowCast.html : Gato lento gato rapido: algebra interactiva.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/slowfastcats/FastSlowCat.html : Gato lent gato ràpid: àlgebra interactiva.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/river/WGCboatCatRiver05.html : Crossing the river with a wolf a goat and a cabbage.
www.mathcats.com/explore/river/crossing.html : Crossing the river with a wolf a goat and a cabbage. Collaboration www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/river/WGCboatCatRiverCast.html : Cruzando el rio con un lobo una cabra y una col.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/river/WGCboatCatRiverCat.html : Creuant el riu amb un llop una cabra i una col.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/time/calculator.html : Elapsed / Coundown time calculator.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/time/calculatorcast.html : Calculadora de tiempo: tiempo entre dos fechas.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/time/calculatorcat.html : Calculadora de temps: temps entre dues dates.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/krypt/Encryption.html : Encryption tool.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/dancingnumbers/modular_xtd_01.html : Dancing numbers: About divisibility and modular arithmetic.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/fahrcels/fahrcels.html : Temperature converter. Tilted thermometer. Animated function
www.nummolt.com/obbl/fahrcels/fahrcelscat.html : Convertidor de temperatures. Termòmetre inclinat. Funció animada.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/spellfrac/spellfr.html : Simplification and spelling fractions.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/spellfrac/spellfrcat.html : Simplificar i escriure fraccions.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/fractionpietool/fractionpietoolcat.html : Fraccions - pastís Eina per a ajudar a resoldre el "Old Egyptian Fractions de Math Cats".

www.mathcats.com/explore/oldegyptianfractions.html : Old Egyptian Fractions. Collaboration www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.

www.mathcats.com/explore/age/placevalueparty.html : Place Value Cakes. Collaboration www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/ninedigits/noudigitsbasic.html : Taller dels nou dígits. Col·laboracio www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/ninedigits/nuevedigitosbasico.html : Taller de los nueve dígitos. Col·laboracio www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.
www.mathcats.com/explore/9digits/9digits.htm : Nine Digits Workshop. Collaboration www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/howmuchpizza/index.html : How much Pizza to order? About improper and mixed fractions. Adding fractions. With italian pizzas.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/cuantapizza/index.html : Cuanta pizza encargamos? Sobre fracciones impropias y mixtas. Sumando fracciones. Con pizzas italianas.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/cuantapizza/quantapizza.html : Quanta pizza encarreguem? Sobre fraccions impropies y mixtes. Sumant fraccions. Amb pizzes italianes.

www.mathcats.com/explore/balance/balance.html : Math Cats Balance. Collaboration www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.

www.mathcats.com/explore/obbl/obbl.html : Math Cats OBBL Architecture Blocks. Collaboration www.mathcats.com - www.nummolt.com.

www.nummolt.com/obbl/cinemice/index.html : Cinemice Main page: Download standalone cinemice (offline program)
www.nummolt.com/obbl/cinemice/cinemice01.html : CINEMICE.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/cinemice/availablecinemicefilms.html : CINEMICE films list.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/cinemice/fromcinemicetoreality.html : From CINEMICE TO CINE-NIC.

www.nummolt.com/ntlets/index.html : Links: Applets and architecture. (Arqlets)
www.nummolt.com/arqlet/index.html : Nummòlt javaScript applets.
www.nummolt.com/arqlet/steel/biga.html : Nummòlt javaScript applets: Biga: Steel beam strength.
www.nummolt.com/arqlet/concrete/llesca.html : Nummòlt javaScript applets: Llesca: Reinforced concrete strength.
www.nummolt.com/arqlet/concrete/dominis.html : Nummòlt javaScript applets: Dominis: Reinforced concrete strength.
www.nummolt.com/arqlet/concrete/tallant.html : Nummòlt javaScript applets: Tallant: Reinforced concrete strength.
www.nummolt.com/arqlet/SU-8/db-su-8.html : Nummòlt javaScript applets: Llamp: Lightning.

REBOST (Old software and software cadavers):
www.nummolt.com/rebost/index.html : Old software.
www.nummolt.com/obbl/obbl_e0/obbl_e0.html : obbl_e0 (software cadaver).
www.nummolt.com/obbl/spiroplot/MCSpiroPlot.html : spiroplot (software cadaver).
www.nummolt.com/MathCatCad/MathCatCad012.html : CAD (software cadaver).

Nummòlt inner BLOG (Historique et Honorifique):
www.nummolt.com/document/honorifique.html To all our virtual, actual or past collaborators.
Nummòlt BLOG (Google Blogger): Mathematical Engine Mill Nummolt Blog: Mathematical Engine Mill
Nummòlt BLOG (Wordpress account): The Child's Concept of Number. Nummolt: The child's conception of number
Nummòlt: TUMBLR: Nummòlt
statcats.nummolt.com StatCats Cat statistics.

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