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Video from the internet Cinemice projector
© Museu del Cinema de Girona : Posted with permission.

Build your own 2 steps animated films with the standalone Cinemice:
Standalone Cinemice (offline) (*.jar file in a compressed *.zip format)

Size of the standard cinemice film (a *.gif file, or *.jpg file)
Fixed height= 378 pixels =(189 pixels up and 189 pixels down)
Length: from 378 pixels to 4000 pixels
You can build your own films with the "paint" program or any image editor.
And project them with the offline standalone cinemice program

You can look a film for to test:
To complete and to fill with colours with a paint program:
Incomplete film: The donkey and the flute    © Museu del Cinema de Girona

All the films from the Cinemice Projector: Available films list .

From CINEMICE To reality: Cine-NIC: From Cinemice to Cine-NIC .

Get your Android CINEMICE projector:


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