Crossing the river with a Wolf, a Goat and a Cabbage
Cruzando el rio Creuant el riu
Click on the boat to sail; Click on the objects or animals to board or unboard.
The Sailor Math Cat has a big problem:
To cross the river with a wolf, a goat and a cabbage.
The boat is a tiny boat,
and is only able to carry one object or animal, added to the Sailor Math Cat.
The wolf and the goat, cannot stay together without vigilance in any bank,
and the goat and the cabbage, cannot too.
How to do this?
Activity based on a logical problem of the eighth century by Alcuin of York and written by Niccolo Tartaglia in the sixteenth century.
© 2005 Wendy Petti, Boni Córdoba & Maurici Carbó of nummolt.
This project belongs to the OBBL - Math Toys Collection